Seller End

While registering seller do provide some of the most important information regarding them. Later seller can always visit their profile to edit and provide more information.

Go to marketplace -> Edit Profile

If seller selects another language, then seller can write the details in that language.

Deactivating/Reactivating the Shop

Seller will have the functionality to Deactivate/Reactivate its own shop if Admin has allowed this functionality in the configuration of the marketplace module.

If Admin has set ‘YES’ to the functionality of letting sellers deactivate its shop then a new tab “Deactivate Your Shop” will be added to the Edit profile Page of the Seller

Note : When a Seller deactivates its shop, all its products will be automatically deactivated

Now, if Seller decides to Reactivate its shop, then Seller can click on “Re-activate Your Shop”

Seller can seamlessly manage their profile.

Drop Shipping With Least Costs for Sellers

We are committed to providing the best quality at the lowest prices. We are low-cost Marketplace so we enable our sellers to provide the Best Price.

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