Let’s have a look on the workflow of the marketplace from Partner request to order management.

In the marketplace, a customer can become a Partner, as the user has to register as a customer first then they can send the request to become Partner.

New Partner Request

The first step is registering on the website as a customer. Once customer account is created Partner Request can be sent from MY ACCOUNT

Click on Link on Right Hand Side of Top Horizontal Header

 My Account

Customer can also request from My Account


On clicking the tab, a request form will appear which has to be filled by Partner to send the Partner request to admin.


As soon as Partner submit the Partner request, admin can view the Partner request in “Manage Partner Details” tab.

Admin can approve/disapprove the Partner profile. After approval from the admin, Partner can view the marketplace account at front-end.

This way Partner can register on the marketplace.


Partner End

While registering Partner do provide some of the most important information regarding them. Later Partner can always visit their profile to edit and provide more information.

Go to marketplace -> Edit Profile





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