Introduction to Egbert Reuben

Welcome to Egbert Reuben, your global marketplace connecting buyers and sellers from every corner of the world. Crafted with passion and a vision, this platform is dedicated to empowering both Indian buyers and sellers.

Our marketplace is a vibrant hub that spans the globe, bringing together a diverse community of sellers offering unique products and services. With a heartwarming touch, Egbert Reuben strives to create an inclusive space where transactions transcend borders and cultures.

At Egbert Reuben, we pride ourselves on providing a marketplace that not only fosters economic opportunities but also embodies affordability. Our commitment to low costs ensures that customers can enjoy better offers, making their shopping experience both rewarding and budget-friendly.

Join us in this journey where commerce meets compassion, and where the spirit of global trade is fueled by a dedication to fairness and quality. Egbert Reuben is more than just a marketplace; it's a testament to the idea that commerce can be a force for good, connecting individuals and businesses across the world.



Our team

Jagreuben Singh Kailay, CEO

Introducing Jagreuben Singh Kailay, the visionary owner with a 50% majority stake in Egbert Reuben Ventures LLC. Jagreuben is a dynamic entrepreneur who can speak English, Punjabi and French and a graduate in Visual Arts and VFX, bringing a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to the forefront of our global marketplace.

With an unwavering passion for the arts, Jagreuben's journey began in the world of visual storytelling, where he honed his skills and gained a deep appreciation for the power of creativity. This foundation in Visual Arts and VFX serves as a driving force behind his innovative approach to business, infusing Egbert Reuben Ventures LLC with a creative spirit that sets it apart in the world of global commerce.

Jagreuben's commitment to excellence extends beyond traditional boundaries, shaping Egbert Reuben Ventures LLC into a platform that not only facilitates transactions but also celebrates the diverse and artistic tapestry of global markets. His leadership is marked by a dedication to empowering both buyers and sellers, fostering an environment where creativity and commerce converge to create a truly enriching experience.

As the driving force behind Egbert Reuben Ventures LLC, Jagreuben Singh Kailay invites you to join in the journey towards a future where creativity, entrepreneurship, and global connectivity come together to redefine the landscape of commerce.


Harkanwal Singh, Founder President

Meet Harkanwal Singh, the Founder President of our dynamic venture. With an extensive corporate background spanning numerous years, Harkanwal Singh brings a wealth of experience from his roles in renowned organizations such as Hitachi, Sharp, and Shell. His journey through diverse departments, including sales, customer support, finance, and taxation, has equipped him with a multifaceted understanding of the corporate landscape.

Harkanwal Singh's vision is at the heart of our enterprise—an ambitious endeavor to create a marketplace that prioritizes the happiness of its partners. Drawing inspiration from his corporate journey, he firmly believes that only a truly content partner can, in turn, ensure the happiness of our customers. This philosophy serves as the guiding principle behind the foundation of our marketplace.

As the Founder President, Harkanwal Singh's leadership is marked by a commitment to creating a symbiotic ecosystem where partners thrive and customers reap the benefits of a harmonious business relationship. His extensive experience and forward-thinking approach underscore a vision that goes beyond transactions, aiming to build a community where success is shared, and satisfaction is the cornerstone of every partnership.

Join us in this visionary journey with Harkanwal Singh, where business is not just about transactions; it's about building enduring relationships and fostering happiness at every step of the way.

Simply put, we don't just make a sale — we align with our partners to make them more successful in serving customers.





"Empowering Global Commerce, Enriching Lives: Egbert Reuben Ventures LLC envisions a world where boundaries fade, and opportunities flourish. As a trailblazing force in the global marketplace, we strive to connect diverse communities, fostering collaboration, and creating economic empowerment for both buyers and sellers worldwide.

Our vision at Egbert Reuben Ventures LLC is to transcend geographical limitations, providing a platform that seamlessly integrates markets from every corner of the globe. We envision a dynamic marketplace that not only facilitates transactions but also serves as a catalyst for positive change, where every interaction contributes to the enrichment of lives.

With a commitment to innovation and inclusivity, we aspire to redefine the global commerce landscape. Egbert Reuben Ventures LLC seeks to be a beacon of excellence, offering a marketplace that goes beyond transactions, cultivating relationships, and fostering a sense of shared prosperity.

Join us on this journey towards a future where Egbert Reuben Ventures LLC is synonymous with global connectivity, economic empowerment, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and communities worldwide."

Drop Shipping With Least Costs for Sellers

We are committed to providing the best quality at the lowest prices. We are low-cost Marketplace so we enable our sellers to provide the Best Price.

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